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With over 168 sprawling hectares, this safari park is recognised as being one of the most successful breeding centers of endangered species in the world. Sumatran and albino tigers, rhinoceroses and China bears are just a few of the species that roam freely throughout the park. The park also offers a campsite, recreational forests and caravan park. Visitors can choose to explore in either personal or hired vehicles. Admission: Day tour: Adults Rp.20,000; children IDR15,000. Cars and minibuses cost Rp.15,000. You can also opt for the night safari.

Title: Share 4 your Holiday at Malang-Indonesia
Description: All your needs about travelling to Indonesia, especially Malang is available here (-_-)y
URL: http://visit-indonesia-malang.blogspot.com/


I am a man with few words. I want the world to be in an innovative yet very simple place to live. I am the type of person whom i will do everything just to make other people happy as long as they deserve to be happy. happy go lucky yet very emotional.

Title: Living Life To The Fullest..
Description: -
URL: http://mhaldito.blogspot.com/



木 村扮演的朝仓启太是一位整日被小朋友围着但却过得十分充实的小学老师。对政治毫无兴趣的启太因为某种缘故先是被推选为议员后来又被推选为总理大臣。小学老 师成了总理大臣?简直是晴天霹雳...这样的启太一边受着永田町老奸巨猾的政客们的愚弄,一边和同样想让日本变得更好的志同道合的人们一起奋斗。不忘普通 老百姓的感受、以普通人的视线看事物、敢于承认不懂的事情,看到这样的总理,周围的人也...

支 持政治门外汉启太的能乾女秘书美山理香是由深津绘里所扮演的。理香是名牌大学毕业的才女,是个怀有改革日本的野心的女强人。是个连启太都会一不小心对她使 用敬语的厉害人物。门外汉总理和能乾的女秘书这个组合也是看点之一。虽然对门外汉总理有种种不满但为了事业而共同行动的理香渐渐地被启太的人格魅力所吸 引...他们是否能超越工作伙伴的关系进而发展一段恋情呢?值得期待。

选 举策划人在现在美国正举行的总统候选人预选中起着重要作用甚至可以说是决定选举胜败的关键职位。作为启太的选举策划人活跃在政坛的菲沢胜利的扮演者是阿部 宽。推选完全没有经验的小学老师启太为议员并到后来的总理的大臣,这是一个重要的角色。“选举是唯一受法律承认的战争”阿部宽将如何出演说出这话的男人 呢,值得期待。

Title: Chee Yap
Description: -
URL: http://cheeyap91.blogspot.com/


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Title: yauhui's garbage barn
Descritpion: Farewell we shall bid to our favourite teacher, who has been the best of all
URL: http://yauhuiieeee.blogspot.com/


A young Malaysian doctor/ magician who loves his magic as much as his medicine. A typical Aquarius. Passionate about everything interesting, enthusiastically living a fascinating life. Love reading, exploring, trying out new things, always love to make life better. Life is Good. To contact me for shows or events, pls email me at magic_darren@hotmail.com.

Title: Life of Medicine & Magic
Description: A Malaysian doctor magician who loves his magic as much as his medicine. Getting the biggest satisfaction from treating patients, as well as entertaining people. Magic, can be a good medicine.
URL: http://darrenmagic.blogspot.com/


Carlorina Yuen, a born-to-be day dreamer.She always wanted to be in a happy family but she was born in a broken 1.She always wanted the best but she couldn’t get any but she’s blessed.She’s blessed with a mom who care for her and a bf who love her and also a bunch of friends who support her no matter wat.She thank God for it even though she don believe in God.

Title: ..LoveMe..HateMe..ShotMe..
Description: Thank you for this moment. You are my greatest story ever told.
URL: http://carlorina.blogspot.com/


For a fact, I get really inspired by this song every time it plays on my playlist. It touches my heart just the way the death of someone we love reminds us how short yet important life is.

It doesn't matter however or which ever way we visualize a world with peace, love, and people who are colour blind because every little bit of our actions count to creating that bigger picture that we dream of. Peace, love and colour blindness. But VISUALIZING is not an ACTION.

Title: Lachen Mit Mir...
Description: Hail Junkiehood!
URL: http://casling.blogspot.com/


Name is Azhan Lives in Singapore Simply Loves Music A Student,Blogger and Bummer A Simple Guy Who Leads A Simple Life That's About It :D

Title: Mental Fiction
Description: before its too late
URL: http://juicebox-martell.blogspot.com/


I don't hate, discriminate, curse, shoot, blast, or whatever a person unless I feels really offended and angry about it. But this idiot is different (to go to its blog, click the picture or here), as it has open up my narrowed eyes, and showing me how retarded and mentally disabled an animal can be.

Title: Lion King
Description: -
URL: http://lionlai.blogspot.com/


A druggist to be. Loves travelling, outdoor activities, scuba diving, photography, the jungle, the sea and the sun.

Title: alvin.teo
Description: Life.Thoughts.Words
URL: http://read-alvin.blogspot.com/


I'm a fat guy who are from banting, selangor. and because of I'm fat, my friend usually call me as FatJoe. i won't mind for they call me like that, because what they said is true. I'M FAT!!! lolx

Title: f.j. blog - when a retard meets the world
Description: http://weisiang.does.it
URL: http://weisiang88.blogspot.com/


Selamat Datang ke SharimieTV.blogspot.com! Blog ini diwujudkan bertujuan mengumpul semua video streaming untuk kemudahan penonton online yang semakin ramai dan mendapat perhatian semua. Saya akan mengemaskini video-video dan rancangan televisyen yang saya upload di channel youtube iaitu dari channel sharimie, sharimie1 dan juga miego07. Selain itu saya juga akan mengemaskini video-video dan rancangan televisyen dari user lain di youtube. Saya akan menghargai sumbangan mereka dengan meletakkan link ke channel mereka. Sekian, buat masa ini. Selamat menonton, Happy Watching!

Title: SharimieTV
Description: Its all about Malay TV programmes and Malay Movies
URL: http://sharimietv.blogspot.com/


Yeah, I would like to extent my gratitude to Maybank and it's staff for the recent excellent service that I had experience. Alrite this is how the story goes...
I recently have problems with my maybank2u account and maybank phonebanking. Well so I decided to call their coustomer service seeking for help. The first time i call, a lady operator answered. she politely asist me with my problems and with patience (well I can say that because it took about 15 minutes to end the conversations). Yeah she explained to me everything in detail and guide me step by step.

Title: Ourbloglah
Description: Stuff like FYI, entertainment, news, review, music, movies and other things... i guess haha...
URL: http://ibloglah.blogspot.com/


Introspective a being, I am. Unconditional love is what I strive. Inspiration, I draw from life itself, and all it offers. I've come to discover, there is no right nor wrong, just perspectives. Here I pen my thoughts...

Title: Discover.Live.Inspire
Description: To live in the realm of possibilities is to have taken life to a brand new level of abundance, one that is of freedom to reach your greatest potential and purpose.
URL: http://timfernandez.blogspot.com/


Ammar ada sebuah rocker fisher price..selalu Ammar duduk bila nak makan, teman Ibu sembahyang, masak or mandi (bukan teman..nangis nak ikut)..atau bila Ammar meragam Ibu letak kasi Ammar berehat sambil tengok tv..

Title: Baby Ibu
Description: The Journey of Our Life
URL: http://babyibu.blogspot.com/


Before this, I had always planned trips to Penang with my friends, but somehow, it never worked- till this holiday. It finally materialised.

I just came home from my long-delayed trip. This is the first time I was so unprepared for a trip and I did not know for sure as to where I would be going to, and when I would be going home. All I knew for sure was that my first destination would be Ipoh- the land of the Old Town white coffee.

Title: My Story
Description: -
URL: http://sayapunyacerita.blogspot.com/


art:music:life, family and friends, Short Novels, Live Music, Quirky Blogs, late nights, early mornings, long phone calls, actual conversations, a large sum of money to spend impulsively, Good Fashion, Parties, making new friends, music/fashion/art magz, movie marathons!, Runs, Jogging, Study.

Universally entertained/rock/pop/slowjamz:
Paramore, Avenged Sevenfold, Simple Plan, Panic At The Disco, N Sync, Rooney, The Killers, Secondhand Serenade, Eminem, The Getaway Plan, Linkin Park, The Click Five, Jay Chou

Title: Information, humour, daily rants @eatwalkshopwear.blogspot.com
Description: -
URL: http://eatwalkshopwear.blogspot.com/


When was the last time I am extremely delighted to see my results? Maybe last year, maybe few years back, I cant recall it..In case you dont know, today the actual result of MMU-ians has been released with the GPA, CGPA and the grades, and today is the day that I dont know whether to laugh or cry when I see my result. There is this Moral Studies which is graded with Pass or Fail and I passed that, thank goodness.

Title: Jackson's World
Description: I like to make people laugh, I like to see people laugh, and I hope I can make you laugh when you are here!
URL: http://jacksonywl.blogspot.com/


For my own opinion.
Yes, men and women can be platonic friends.
It depends on how you manage it and what do you think about it.
Sometime I feel that with guy, there are no competition and no jealousy.
Being around them just isn't as threatening.
"Caring each other doesn't means the same as loving each other.
Platonic relationships can, and do exist.
Though it might require a tad more work and conscious effort to keep the friendship strong and healthy." From Seventeen.

Title: Crazy.Happy.Life
Description: -
URL: http://crazyhappylife.blogspot.com/


Baru balik dari kampung.. kedah darul aman..
3 pagi baru sampai rumah. malam jumaat bertolak balik ke sini..
tanpa membuang mase Nabel memperkenalkan

Upin Ipin Mini Video! hoho..

Title: Duniaku: Ia Tentang Aku Dia Mereka Kami!
Description: -
URL: http://akunabel.blogspot.com/


A girl who named herself as curryegg in the blogosphere. Simple yet complicated mind. Right now, she is finding way to change herself - something more positive.

Title: curryegg.com
Description: -
URL: http://curryegg.blogspot.com/


Thank you for dropping by. Welcome.However, please do not use any images here without my consent. Drop me an e-mail if you are interested in using any of the images you see in this blog. Thank you.Comments go to the respective blog entries and the chatbox someway below is solely for chatting purposes only.Spam or any disrespectful statements of any party shall be deleted as soon as detected. Thank you again.Have a nice day.

Title: Fingernails in My Eye
Description: -
URL: http://fingernailsinmyeye.blogspot.com/


Not too old but not very young. Just an ordinary guy who hates, yes, hates writing anything at all. God knows why I even bother blogging. TechGuy in the morning, MusicMan at night, part-time web designer (who doesn't even have time to design his own blog) and full time fruitcake. Absolutely loves animals especially dogs, my guitar, and my kids(alright, after i get married). I'm into all sorts of sports, badminton and football(the real one, where you actually play it with your feet; not run around holding it).

Title: Ouch!
URL: http://painfullyaddictive.blogspot.com/


Famous blogger always get what they want. They get to shop for free, eat for free, use new product's sample for free and even service for free. But if you are not a famous blogger, there is no free stuff for you.

Well, this is not true. This is a post which I am going to share about how to get paid to shop and eat for free ( Mc Donald, KFC, Pizza Hut and so on). I have to clarify first this is not a paid per post and i don't get any benefit by referring members.

Title: Earn Money Online -- Money, Tech, Blogging, & Amazing Stuff!
Description: -
URL: http://shareyouwaytoearn.blogspot.com/


Hako Free PSP Games
Free Downloads of PSP Games

Title: Hako Free PSP Games
Description: Free Downloads of PSP Games
URL: http://hakopsp.blogspot.com/


Kah Ee --> Reality
Faith --> Fantasy
Willelmina --> alter-ego
Evil Penguin -->The Evil

On August 9 1678
the evil of the evil
was born.
and now 330 years later
i Don't look a day older than 15
Do Email me or Comment i <3 those
I can be anyone You want me to be..
A Friend.
A Lover.
A Fantasy.
A Dream Or
A Nightmare.

Title: My Dirty Little Secret.
Description: Part Time Blogger.Full Time spy on Dirty Secrets
URL: http://ourdirty-littlesecret.blogspot.com/


KevinHi, I'm Malaccan, interested in computing, particularly blogging, to get my thoughts across the masses.

Title: Cubs Roar
Description: My personal views on Malaysian political and social issues
URL: http://cubs-roar.blogspot.com/


Free Nintendo DS Games Downloads
Where games are meant to be shared

Title: Free Nintendo DS Games Downloads
Description: Where games are meant to be shared
URL: http://free-ds-games.blogspot.com/


I'm me. :P A Malaysian.MALAYSIA BOLEH! Was born into this global warming earth on the 28th of April. I'm 5'9. LOves chocolate AND sushi! Well..wanna know more? Visit my blog more often! :D

Title: AngelKein :)
Description: WELCOME to another diary
URL: http://angelkein.blogspot.com/


My newest mission is to spread glitter to the world! Glitter as in happiness ofcourse. Born 1990, Indonesian, living in Malaysia for 10 years and enjoys painting, miniatures, clay and leisure time. A full time procrastinator,it's a sin I know. A Roman Catholic, loves my JC Saviour!

Title: SpreadGlitter
URL: http://mjchelle.blogspot.com/