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There is this problem i have whenever i get too comfortable with people here. it's nothing drastically embarrassing though - like feeling the need to let loose a toxic fart or disgustingly burp the alphabet (though my brother knows i'm rather talented with both) - but sometimes, this thing i have just makes things awkward. not in the traditional way awkward is supposed to be but it's more like the should-i-even-bother-explaining-things-to-you-but-even-if-
do-you-won't-get-it-anyway awkward. you know the scenario: you say or do something innately towards another person and the person goes..."WTF was that?" and you go..."ummm...nevermind." i guess it's something i've had to deal with considering that many of my friends here don't really get a certain part of me - that part that spent almost 14 years in Singapore.

Title: socially disengaged meritocratic elite
Description: Loves.
URL: http://cementation.blogspot.com/


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