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Here's a lil sumthin' sumthin' about the girl behind the blog you're readin'!

This girl is currently on the brink of adulthood but more than occasionally she likes to indulge the kiddy side of her. Ice creams and delicious snacks are her greatest weaknesses. A greatthink er who's constantly deep in thought, she has this habit of reacting just a tad too slow because her brain processes are always a few minutes behind real-time. Often she finds herself smacking her head mentally saying "Yeah hor! I should have said this this this wan ma...!"

Wild at heart but shy around people, she tends to keep many things to herself and appear 'cool & aloof' but break down her fences and she's actually quite harmless. She used to have a black furry incredibly adorable hamster which she loved very much but it died of old age about a year ago. Her very first blog entry was dedicated to Michael the Female hamster. Since then there has been no other hamsters in her life. Michael was irreplacable. :'(

Title: its not a secret anymore...
Description: secretnicki.blogspot.com
URL: http://secretnicki.blogspot.com/


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